Explore an Oasis in a Desert in Palm Springs

You can walk across a desert and find an oasis in Palm Springs. This is not a mirage!

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The Getty: What Would You Do If You Had A Billion Dollars?

If you had a billion dollars, would you create an art museum for the world to enjoy?

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Explore The Getty: The Best Art, Architecture and Views of Los Angeles

Go to the Getty for art and architecture: stay for the views of LA

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Fun Things To Do in San Francisco

San Francisco is Fun!   Last week we took a walk through Chinatown. The week before, we chased the best views of San Francisco from Coit Tower, the deck of a boat and the Top of the Mark.   This week, we explore more fun things to do in San Francisco. Put on...
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Take a Walking Tour of Chinatown in San Francisco

Explore the oldest Chinatown in North America and a major tourist attraction in San Francisco

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Best Views of San Francisco

Enjoy the best views of San Francisco from three locations

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The Toronto Light Festival Lights up February

A Benefit of Having a Travel Blog is Seeing New Things This is a mini-post because it has been a busy week, getting ready for a month in California. Earlier in the week, I walked down to the Distillery District in downtown Toronto to take in the new Toronto Light...
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Benefits of Solo Travel

You can travel alone and not be lonely as a solo traveler

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Benefits of Working Abroad

Get Paid to Travel when you Work Abroad

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Snorkeling in Bunaken

You can snorkel in Bunaken for $15 to $500 a day … the fish and coral are the same no matter what price you pay

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A Weekend in Bali

Experience Eat Pray Love in Bali

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There’s No Place Like Home

There’s No Place Like HOME   HOME is the only place I want to be this time of year. HOME is where you are now … or where you would like to be. HOME can be a place in your past or present …  or a state of mind. Since I am HOME this week, I have...
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Christmas in the City

The sights and sounds of Christmas in the City

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Visit one of the World’s Best Christmas Markets in the Historic Distillery District in Toronto

The Distillery District is a winter wonderland for the Toronto Christmas Market

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Lawren Harris Painting Shatters the Invisible ‘Canadian Ceiling’ on Art Prices

Is there an invisible price barrier for ‘Canadian’ art?

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Is the Lighthouse at Peggy’s Cove the Most Famous in the World?

The lighthouse at Peggy’s Cove is the most famous in the world! If you disagree, what lighthouse is more famous?   I go to Nova Scotia about three times a year to visit family. We always have a ton of fun. I rarely have time to do touristy things. At the...
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What Would You Say to Your 17-Year-Old-Self?

Do you remember the summer when you were 17?

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Cross Border Shopping at the Toronto Eaton Centre

Our low dollar keeps this cross-border shopper at home

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Do you like your job?

Have you ever dreamed of ditching it, even if you like it?

I did.

Back in the day, I hitchhiked across Canada four times.
I quit my first ‘real job’ to go backpacking in Europe until I ran out of money.

Then I went to law school, married a classmate, joined a law firm, bought a house, had a baby. After a few years of the traditional life, we quit our jobs, sold our house and moved with our son to Singapore for two years. We had another baby in Singapore. I found a great teaching job at a new university. We travelled all through Southeast Asia with our boys. Our next move was Toronto. I joined the business faculty at a college. We seemed well settled…..until we had the chance to move to London for two years. We used this opportunity to travel all over Europe in a much more luxurious style than in my backpacking days. We returned to Toronto and I returned to teaching. Just after my 60th birthday, I took an opportunity with the college to run entrepreneurship workshops for faculty in Indonesia, on the island of Sulawesi. I had to Google-map it to see where I was going. This time, I was on my own for two months. I travelled every weekend to far-flung and remote diving and snorkelling sites. It was hard to return to the classroom after this grand adventure.

wanted something different. I wanted to learn a new dance.


My son hit on the idea of a travel blog. Learning how to blog would be a new experience that combines everything I love: travel, photography, sharing my tales of adventure.

The theme for my blog is visiting UNESCO World Heritage Sites. …. and having fun.

I hope you will like my blogs. I hope you will share your comments with me so that I can improve my blog.

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