Waipu: A Nova Scotia Community in New Zealand

Waipu is a UNESCO Memory of the World Site that celebrates the great Scottish Migration from Scotland to Nova Scotia to New Zealand

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Why Go to Sydney Australia?

Sydney is Fun Fun Fun!

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Bondi Beach or Manly Beach: Which One is Better?

Which is your favourite: Bondi Beach or Manly Beach?

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Why is the Sydney Opera House a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

Discover why the Sydney Opera House is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

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Where is the Best Place to See a Koala in Sydney Australia?

A photo with a koala is a great souvenir of Australia

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Best Tip for a Cheap Flight Upgrade

Get a flight upgrade for 20% of the price

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What is your favourite image of Canada?

Which sand sculpture best captures the spirit of Canada?

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Would you fly a Bush Plane?

Welcome to Norman’s 3rd guest post from his visit to the Canada Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa This post explores Canada’s great contribution to aviation: The Bush Plane by Norman Letalik When I was 19, in the summer of 1974, I did a backpacking trip...
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Join the Nova Scotia Good Cheer Trail

You will have fun in Nova Scotia on the Good Cheer Trail

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What to See and Do in Arisaig, Nova Scotia

What is your perfect summer day?

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Enjoy a Dram of Single Malt at Glenora Distillery in Cape Breton

Only whisky made in Scotland can be called scotch

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See the Giant Rubber Duck that Waddled into Toronto to Celebrate Canada 150

Thousands flocked to the Toronto Waterfront to catch a selfie with a giant rubber duck

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Happy Birthday Canada 150

Join in the celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday

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The Rideau Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a giant outdoor playground

The Rideau Canal is a giant outdoor playground that links a string of rivers and lakes for 202 kilometres from Kingston to Ottawa

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