Do you like your job?

Have you ever dreamed of ditching it, even if you like it?

I did.

Back in the day, I hitchhiked across Canada four times.
I quit my first ‘real job’ to go backpacking in Europe until I ran out of money.

Then I went to law school, married a classmate, joined a law firm, bought a house, had a baby. After a few years of the traditional life, we quit our jobs, sold our house and moved with our son to Singapore for two years. We had another baby in Singapore. I found a great teaching job at a new university. We travelled all through Southeast Asia with our boys. Our next move was Toronto. I joined the business faculty at a college. We seemed well settled…..until we had the chance to move to London for two years. We used this opportunity to travel all over Europe in a much more luxurious style than in my backpacking days. We returned to Toronto and I returned to teaching. Just after my 60th birthday, I took an opportunity with the college to run entrepreneurship workshops for faculty in Indonesia, on the island of Sulawesi. I had to Google-map it to see where I was going. This time, I was on my own for two months. I travelled every weekend to far-flung and remote diving and snorkelling sites. It was hard to return to the classroom after this grand adventure.

wanted something different. I wanted to learn a new dance.


My son hit on the idea of a travel blog. Learning how to blog would be a new experience that combines everything I love: travel, photography, sharing my tales of adventure.

The theme for my blog is visiting UNESCO World Heritage Sites. …. and having fun.

I hope you will like my blogs. I hope you will share your comments with me so that I can improve my blog.

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