Benefits of Solo Travel

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What would you do?


After working for two months in Indonesia, it was time to pack up and go home. I could fly in either direction … I was half way around the world. I could book any stops I wanted on the return trip …. anywhere in the world! There was only one catch: I was alone.

Would you book a vacation by yourself?

Would you be a solo traveler if you did not have a traveling companion?

Where would you stop on the return trip from Indonesia?

I booked 3 days in Singapore. That’s all. Would you book more?

Traveling alone is not my first choice. But if the choice is alone or home, I will go alone.

There are benefits to traveling alone. This post takes a lighthearted look at the benefits of traveling alone.


Are you a solo traveler?



Sink or swim?


You don’t know if you will sink or swim as a solo traveller until you try it.

Be cautious as a Solo Traveler


When you travel on your own, there is no one to help you down the stairs and make sure that you are safe at the end of the day.

You need to plan your trip


When you travel on your own, there is no wise owl who does all the research, plans a complete itinerary and makes all the arrangements to see the best sites.

You might miss having a travelling companion when you travel alone.


When you are a solo traveler, you don’t need to spend the whole day with someone when you are a little miffed about something

You don’t need to listen to someone who goes on and on and on …..

And you don’t ruffle anyone’s feathers when you ask them to just stop talking for a while

You don’t have to wait at the restaurant for that one who always goes back for seconds at the all-you-can-eat buffet.

You don’t have to pretend to be asleep in the middle of the night when you are discombobulated from jet lag and time changes.

You can get up!

There is no one to give you the evil eye when you stay out too late and drink too much wine.

AND ….

No one sees you the next morning after you stayed out too late and drank too much wine.


So, what did I do in Singapore as a solo traveler?

Well, I guess it is obvious that I spent a long time at Jurong Bird Park.The site covers 49 acres so you can spend a lot of time there.

What next?

I went shopping!

I went to Arab Street to look at Batik but instead I spent a wonderful afternoon looking at the most luxurious silk fabrics I have ever seen. Store after store of fabulous fabrics …. and I don’t sew any more. I was sorely tempted to take up sewing again just so that I would have an excuse to buy some of these fabrics. The fabric in the photo above is heavy silk studded with red and blue Swarovski crystals.

Arab Street is more than one street: it is a whole area of shops and restaurants. Here is a link to a nice CNN travel article on Arab Street.

I spent the day at Marina Bay


Marina Bay is an enormous waterfront park built on reclaimed land. Here is a link to an earlier blog on the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest at Marina Bay.

These supertrees in Marina Bay look like something out of Jurassic Park. They tower over the jungle. If you look very closely, you can see some tourists on the boardwalk. This gives you an idea of how large these supertrees really are. The tallest supertree is 16 stories high.

The supertrees are vertical gardens that will eventually be covered with exotic ferns, vines and orchids. The trees have photovoltaic cells that harness solar energy to light the trees at night. The trees collect rain water for irrigation and for the fountains in Marina Bay. You can enjoy Supertree Dining at the top of the highest supertree. I didn’t know this at the time so I missed this experience (could have used wise owl to make a plan for this).

When you travel alone, lots of people volunteer to take your picture

People are very friendly when you travel alone

Here is another selfie taken by a kind tourist from the top of Marina Bay Sands.


I asked my Instagram friends what they like about solo travel. This is what they said:


I have met some wonderful people when I travel alone.

Maybe we’re more open to meeting strangers and saying yes to new experiences if we are by ourselves. I find that’s true for me.


I guess travelling alone you are not restricted to what your spouse or partner wants to do and you are free to go wherever you want and meet new friends like us …. your followers.


I would say freedom. You don’t have to think about anyone else, just yourself. You get to decide when and where to go, how long to stay etc. I find solo travel both exciting and scary but it is the best experience to get to know yourself.


You meet more fellow travelers. You have more flexibility to change plans. You are more likely to have locals reach out and help you


I travel alone a lot, and even though I enjoy company, I also find some more advantages of being alone

  • no one gets mad when you take forever to get some good shots.
  • you learn about your interests because you end up staying longer at places that capture you even if you didn’t expect to like them
  • you never have to forfeit seeing a place you really wanted to see because the rest of the group would rather do something else
  • you’re open to meet new people if you’re not busy talking to the ones you already know.


When i went thru a major turning point in my life, i decided to travel solo. I wanted to escape from people i knew. But i found that it actually allowed me time and space to get to know “me” better. I became a lot more grounded. Now i find myself being comfortable both alone and when i’m with people. It was a valuable and enlightening experience that i have carried through out my life in the last decade.


I love to be able to explore places at my own pace. Also, traveling solo allows me to make new friends from all over the world more easily!

Enjoying your photos and comments! I traveled solo for the first time this past new years and it may have been the most liberating weekend getaway I’ve had! Photography, stopping/going only by my own wants, and feeling like the strangers everywhere I met were my travel companions were some of the highlights!


❤ totally agree on the benefits of solo travel – I am a travel photographer and whenever I travel with someone I feel I have to hurry up in order to catch up with their travel speed. I love to walk places for hours, i always find new photo worthy moments. So, the best about traveling solo for me is to take your time – for everything (enjoying meals as well ;))) )


Lovely post Rose Ann – been to Singapore many times! For me the two main benefits of traveling solo are the opportunities to meet new friends and to learn how to really rely on yourself, build or learn new skills, whether those involve absorbing a new language, taking better photos or experiencing a new adventure at your own pace. Please keep sharing – love your gallery! 😻

There are lots of solo travelers!


You might feel a little sad or a little lonely when you plan a trip by yourself …


There is no wise owl dragging you through yet another museum when you would much rather be shopping on Arab Street and drinking a beer at the top of Marina Bay Sands.

So go out on a limb and book a solo trip

You are beautiful when you fly on your own!

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