Singapore’s Magnificent World Heritage Botanic Gardens

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Singapore is just 50 years old!

Last year, Singapore celebrated 50 years as an independent nation. The best gift that it received for its Golden Jubilee was the designation of The Botanic Gardens as a World Heritage Site.

The Gardens is valued for having two outstanding universal qualities – its role in the rubber trade which transformed the region in the 1900s and its unique tropical colonial gardens landscape.   The Minister for Culture (commented that) “This inscription is especially meaningful for us, as we celebrate our 50th year as an independent nation. It is also an accolade that will resonate deeply with Singaporeans as we come together this year to reflect on our heritage, our identity and our place in the world.”   In a Facebook post, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said (this is) “a great Jubilee year gift to Singaporeans” [The Straits Times, July 4, 2015]

With little free time in Singapore, a visit to the Orchid Garden in Botanic Gardens was at the top of my must-see list. I wrote very little for this blog. The orchids speak for themselves!

Singapore’s special orchid program promotes goodwill between nations

A colourful display of orchids and a Chinese mask

The birds in Jurong Bird Park are as showy as the orchids in the Botanic Gardens

With a half day to spare, a visit to the Jurong Bird Park was on my list to see again. I loved wandering around one of the largest bird parks in the world.

Red bird, Red bird What do you see?

After a colourful day of flowers and birds, it is time to take flight from Singapore.


Join me next week for the start of a grand European tour: a circle tour by car from Amsterdam to Paris; and a guided tour of Italy.

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