The Toronto Light Festival Lights up February

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A Benefit of Having a Travel Blog is Seeing New Things

This is a mini-post because it has been a busy week, getting ready for a month in California. Earlier in the week, I walked down to the Distillery District in downtown Toronto to take in the new Toronto Light Festival. I am so glad that I found the time to squeeze in this free event in the middle of winter. The light displays were fun and colourful.

February is cold and dark but it can be fun if you seek out what your city has to offer.

You can make it a full evening at the Toronto Light Festival by combining the Festival with dinner or a drink.

Since the Light Festival is new, I did not know what to expect. It turned out to be much more fun than I had anticipated.

Many of the light displays were interactive.

Here are a few samples from the Festival.

Enter the Light Festival under a cavalcade of laser lights


The entrance to the Distillery District is lit by laser lights that remind me of the scene in Mission Impossible where Tom Cruise breaks into a bank without touching any of the laser lights that crisscross the vaults.

This is a close-up of the overhead laser lights

Would you try to take the ball from this giant cat?

This big cat is perched on the top of a building overlooking the love locks light display

The love locks light display will be a popular photo op spot on Valentine’s Day

Little angels posed under the light wings in the main square

The concentric light rings were mesmerizing

I added an effect to this photo of the light rings

My favourite light display is the building jumper. This is an animated display.

That is the end of this mini-post to light up your February

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